How to prepare a Juicy Marbles steak?
A simple guide to get the perfect medium-rare filet mignon with a killer crust. 🔥

While there are many ways to prepare plant meat, we'll focus on the most basic - the standard "salt & pepper" routine. Pepper is optional. So is salt, but who are we kidding here.

Step 1 - Seasoning

Sprinkle salt evenly from all sides. It's good to do this at least 15 minutes before cooking, but 30-60 minutes is recommended. If you leave it a little longer the steak will absorb the salt into its depths, ensuring an even flavor. Plus, it gives you time to prepare all the sides in peace.

Step 2 - Choosing a pan

Choose a pan that is as small as possible. Just enough to fit your amount of meat. That way you don't have to use too much oil and also it won't escape to the sides, leaving the steaks dry. Fat bottoms are also a plus, as they retain heat and keep it steady. Non-stick never hurt anyone either.

Step 3 - Cooking 

Heat the pan on a strong medium and add oil/fat of choice. Enough to cover the bottom. Be careful not to overheat, that will not only make the oil rancid, it'll also burn the crust of the steaks too fast. Bad juju!

Once the pan is heated, place the steaks inside and cook them evenly from all sides. (For extra gourmet satisfaction while cooking, you can baste the meat, make naughty faces and call the steaks bad names.) Once you reach a royal brown, you have attained the signature Juicy Marbles crust and have reached the end. Or is it just the beginning?

Good crust example - nice brown, crispy edges, minor char 😈

It’s that easy! Bon appetit!

Vladimir Mićković
Co-Founder & Editor-in-Juice
Vladimir is the chairman of kerfuffle at Juicy Marbles. In his free time, he is a certified crust inspector, a crunch enthusiast, and a crumble aficionado.
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