Bacon-Wrapped Filet
​​I’m sure wrapping a plant-based filet in plant-based bacon is considered completely “fou fou” in France, but luckily, insulting an entire nation by modifying their traditional recipes really turns me on. C’est la vie. However, if anyone can make bacon from plants, it’s the French. That’s why I suggest using the smoked bacon from La Vie, as it not only behaves well while wrapping but it also adds a sublime smokey aroma to the dish. Also, French. Top that with a little butter, parsley & lemon zest, and you’ve won life. Vous êtes le gagnant de la vie.

• Juicy Marbles’ Filet (or loin cut in the shape of a filet)
• La Vie Smoked Bacon
• 4 small potatoes
• kimchi (or a ferment of choice)
• lemon zest
• butter of choice
• a small bouquet of parsley


1. Put the potatoes in a preheated oven first. Everything else can be done while the potatoes are baking. Also, put the butter out so it gets to room temperature.
2. Gently wrap the bacon around the filets. Use butcher’s twine to secure the bacon from falling off in the pan. Lightly salt the filets on top and bottom.
3. Preheat a pan. Medium-strong heat. Start sizzling the filets first.
4. Once you are satisfied with the brown hue of the filet, start sizzling the bacon. Get all the sides, and don’t be afraid to turn the filets often to make sure the bacon doesn’t burn. Once it caramelizes enough, it’s telling you it’s crispy enough.
5. Place the kimchi and potatoes on the plate. Cut the twine and place the filet on the plate. Add a cube of butter, parsley & lemon zest.
6. Begin to live deliciously.

Bon appetite!